What We Do

We create value by solving problems, understanding the complexity of the real estate development ecosystem and looking beyond the herd.  But first – we step back.  We ask many questions.  We look for different perspectives. We frame the problem, the opportunity and the plan.  We collaborate, we partner, we joint venture.  We create teams to execute development plans.
We create value.

How We Invest

The principals of KCP are multi-disciplined with a wide range of “hands-on” real estate, investment and development experience.  We view real estate investing in the context of the bigger “macro” picture but understand that successful execution of a real estate investment requires diligence and attention to the “micro” issues – the details.  Our investors and partners benefit from our experience, our attention to detail and risk mitigation, and our alignment of interests.


Our size and flexible structure has allowed us to adapt to new strategies as market and economic cycles evolve.  We invest in real estate deals in the following structures:



We take a collaborative approach and joint venture with trusted and experienced developer partners. Depending on the situation, we will partner with developers as a financial partner or co-GP/operating partner. Alignment of interests is key to our joint ventures.



Where it makes sense, we acquire property directly and implement the business plan without an operating partner.  Oftentimes, we conceptualize the business plan, acquire the property, initiate the plan and bring in a development partner when it makes the most sense.



We can provide capital in different parts of the capital stack such as Preferred Equity or participating Debt.

Investment Criteria

Joint Ventures: We seek deal proposals from a variety of asset types from qualified and trusted real estate developers with specific property-type expertise and deep market knowledge. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships.

Property Acquisitions:
We seek direct acquisitions in metro Atlanta and select markets in the southeast. We typically seek locations in the direction of growth/redevelopment of in-town neighborhoods or close-in suburbs. Property acquisitions will change as fundamentals dictate. In the past, we have acquired land (entitled and unentitled), apartments, retail and office space.

Structured Finance:
We seek Preferred Equity opportunities or hybrid structures within the capital stack.