Kaufman Capital Partners (KCP), formerly Kaufman Realty Group (KRG), was founded in 1994 to create value through opportunistic real estate transactions while being good stewards of our investors’ capital.

Since the company’s founding by Craig Kaufman, KCP has been involved in the direct investment, acquisition, and development of more than 40 commercial properties, including office and multi-family, with total assets valued at over half billion dollars.

KCP is first and foremost a real estate investor, and also functions as an active asset manager, the extent of which depends on the type of investment and the experience of partners in the deal.  KCP pursues a co-investment approach, not only investing a significant amount of its capital in every deal, but also inviting outside capital from like-minded investors.  Co-investors benefit from KCP’s experience and diligence as well as the alignment of interests that come from “sitting on the same side of the table.”

Investment Philosophy

People Matter – First and foremost, people matter in all of our decision-making. We put a great deal of thought into who we want to do business with, whether it is a development partner, investor, manager, vendor, etc.

Aligned Interests – We take pride in that we focus on aligning interests with our partners and stakeholders. This approach eliminates the inherent conflicts of interest that most investors face in the market today.

Discipline – We are incredibly disciplined and place a significant emphasis on analysis, market fundamentals and active asset management throughout the lifecycle of our investments. This disciplined approach lets us to remove emotion from the investment equation, allowing us to make rational, well thought-out decisions on behalf of our investors and partners.